Custom Console Build


Take your pick of the available builds I offer.

Once order is placed, we’ll reach out to discuss details off how you want the console built.

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This product page is for customers looking for a specific system to be configured and built to their specifications.

The listed consoles are ones we’re currently offering on a custom order basis.
Choose which console you would like built, pay a $10 fee and we’ll reach out to discuss the build.

Typically, a build can take a couple weeks to months, depending on the time to obtain the specific console and all parts necessary.

Final price can vary widely based on market rate of the console and parts/accessories you’re after.
Final payment is due once console is complete and ready to ship.
Should you decide to not proceed with the purchase, the initial $10 will not be refunded and the console will be listed for sale site wide.

High end / expensive systems may require a deposit in order to start the build. Limited edition console variations can be quiet costly.