Sega Genesis / Sega CD Bundle


Sega Genesis / Sega CD Combo

  • Genesis and Sega CD systems are thoroughly inspected and cleaned.
    • Genesis Model 1 is an early sought after non-TMSS model
  • Both Genesis and Sega CD have had a full capacitor replacement.
  • Triple Bypass V2 board installed for excellent Audio and RGB Video output
    • New A/V output jack installed on Genesis
  • Black Retro-Bit Wireless 6 Button controller included
  • Original Sega CD Backup cartridge also included
  • 2x Triad Power Adapters

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System will ship power adapters both Genesis and Sega CD
Tested with and recommend that you pair with a set of HD Retrovision component cables into an OSSC or Retrotink for the best video quality on flat panel tv’s. If you’re using a CRT, the HD Retrovision cables into component will do just fine on their own.
RGB Scart cable is also compatible if you are setup for Scart equipment.
Composite video output will NOT work with the Triple Bypass installed, so no composite video cable is included with purchase, you must supply your own AV Cable.


As a reminder, these systems are fully reconditioned but may show some signs of wear. They are around 30 years old at this point and it’s to be expected. That said, I try to offer only systems in great condition that I would be happy to own in my personal collection.


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Weight12 lbs
Dimensions20 × 12 × 8 in