Sega Master System + FM Audio Bundle


Sega Master System Bundle

  • Fully inspected and cleaned.
    • Console is in A+ Condition. The box does not include original styrofoam
  • FM Audio board installed
    • Switch hidden under expansion door on back
    • No holes drilled in shell
  • System fully recapped with  capacitors from Console5
  • Includes OEM Sega Power Adapter
  • Includes Original controller plus additional Joy Stick controller
  • Includes original Sega Master System box
  • Includes Master EverDrive x7

In stock


System will ship power adapters for all models.
Tested with and recommend that you pair with a set of HD Retrovision component cables into an OSSC or Retrotink for the best video quality on flat panel tv’s. If you’re using a CRT, the HD Retrovision cables into component will do just fine on their own.
RGB Scart cable is also compatible if you are setup for Scart equipment.
As a reminder, these systems are fully reconditioned but may show some signs of wear. They are around 30 years old at this point and it’s to be expected. That said, I try to offer only systems in great condition that I would be happy to own in my personal collection.


Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions20 × 12 × 8 in